Lecturer and Guest Speaker

An experienced and well qualified lecturer and guest speaker; with a background in Music, the Arts and Education; Adrian Finnerty offers a variety of topics and presentations on a wide range of music and education related subjects.


Talks are delivered in an interesting and engaging manner, accompanied by multi-media PowerPoint presentations including colourful illustrations with a wide range of captivating slideshows, audio excerpts and video clips.


Presentations can be customised to suit different audiences; providing either a broad overview of the subject for the general listener, or a more detailed account for the more specialised listener.

Adrian Lecture 1


Adrian’s musical interests include: the History of Western Music; European Music and Culture; National Identity in Music; Scandinavian and Russian Music; 20th Century Music; Scottish Music; Music in Britain; Film Music; Music and Art; Jazz; Music Education; Piano, Organ and Choral Music; Composing, Arranging and Conducting.

Examples of Topics

Examples of topics and presentations are listed below.

Other topics can also be arranged.


National Identity in Music: From Russia to Bohemia and Scandinavia to Spain
National Identity in Music: From the USA to the British Isles
Musical Pictures: Music Inspired by Art and Artists
Sounds of the Cinema: A celebration of music for the Silver Screen
Symphonic Seascapes: Music Inspired by the Sea


Sounds of the Baltic

Sibelius: Symphonist and Storyteller
The Music of Edvard Grieg

Sounds of Norway

Sounds of Sweden

Sounds of Cape Verde

Classical Music of Scotland
Traditional Music of Scotland
Musical Impressions of Scotland
A Scottish Musical Journey

Music of the British Isles


The Story of Jazz
Music of the Big Bands
The Story of ABBA

Melodies of the Rhine

The Life and Music of Beethoven
The Life and Music of Brahms

Vienna, City of Music: Patronage and Politics

Vienna, City of Music: Romance and Revolution

Hungarian Rhapsodies


Provençal Songs and Dances
Symphonic Poems and French Impressions
Sacred Music: Plainsong to Polyphony
The French Choral Tradition

The Russian Musical Tradition
The Life and Music of Tchaikovsky


Adrian Lecture 2



Adrian Lecture 3

Adrian has been engaged as a Guest Speaker with a number of cruise companies, including Saga, Fred Olsen, Royal Caribbean, Noble Caledonia, Hebridean River Cruises and Hebridean Island Cruises.


His talks are both informative and entertaining, and are always very popular, with excellent feedback from those in attendance.


Adrian Lecture 4


Comments and feedback from cruises

“Adrian really hit the nail on the head when it came to music of the areas we were travelling through. His talk on Abba really won the guests over and he was just a great personality on stage.”

“Adrian again is a great lecturer and his delivery is excellent, PowerPoints well presented.”

“Adrian is an incredibly interesting speaker, covering a wide range of cultural topics under the banner of music. His talks were in a series of presentations that linked together to form and broaden subject matter, and this led to a loyal following of guests that attended his presentations.”

“Excellent pacing, interesting transitions between slides, brilliant graphics, and relevant images to chosen music. A nice crisp Scots accent.”

“Was amazing and introduced one or two little known composers. I wish his lectures could have been longer and more of them.”

 “With the music and the way he frames the pieces, it really was something you could immerse yourself in. A solid crowd at each talk.”

 “Adrian had good audiences and music relating topic to our destinations in the way of talking about Edvard Grieg in his first and other Norwegian composers in his second, apt for our voyage.”

“Adrian has a very endearing way about him, and his presentations are a pleasure to watch.”

“Excellent as evidenced by the large attendance, a highlight of the cruise, an expert in his field.”

“Good Speaker, and the guests that attended really enjoyed him.”



Left: An article, published in The Hebridean Times, promoting the music themed Melodies of the Rhine cruise on the Royal Crown with Hebridean River Cruises.


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Below: A description of the music themed Melodies of the Danube cruise on the Royal Crown with Hebridean River Cruises.


Click on the image to find out more about Melodies of the Danube.


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Other Topics

Other talk topics and presentations can be provided by arrangement.

For further information contact: info@adrianfinnerty.co.uk


Adrian Lecture 5


Adrian Finnerty

BA(Hons), MMus, MA(Mus), MA(Ed), MSc, DipTMus, DipABRSM, ALCM, FISM


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