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In 1931, Rolex invented the automatic chain constant pendulum Tuo. This ingenious system is also part of every modern automatic watch an originator. Hans Wilsdorf in leadership, Rolex continues to the wider world as a laboratory to test the performance of its watches. Whether on land or in the air, in the depths of the ocean or the peaks of the summit, Rolex watches have successfully survived the ordeal again. rolex deepsea Involved in many human challenge the limits of initiative, the Rolex watch brand to become world-renowned for its precise, rugged and reliable performance to win the world's trust.

Meanwhile, the Rolex brand and product continuous development, the pursuit of perfection. Because only the highest quality materials, by the best designers, Rolex watch has therefore become a symbol of elegance and dignity.rolex presidential Rolex sought with its equally passionate pursuit of excellence and precision partners. Therefore, Rolex and tennis lasting bonds can be described as a matter of course. In the late 1970s, Rolex became the official timekeeper of the Wimbledon Championships, from Rolex and tennis cooperation continued to flourish.
Rolex attaches great importance to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships (Wimbledon) cooperation. Wimbledon is the world's oldest lawn tennis tournament, in July 1877 at the All England Club (All England Club) was first held. rolex deep sea Wimbledon is the oldest in the world's top tennis tournament, while maintaining the traditions and characteristics while continuing to evolve. Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch is also pursuing a balance of tradition and innovation. The common feature for the Rolex and tennis community cooperation has laid a foundation.

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