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Byron Bay, Australia

ugg boots cheap Australia brand 's origins can be traced back to the beach in Byron Bay , where Australian surfers in order to keep warm when the seasons change and begin to wear sheepskin boots . Byron Bay is located in the eastern part of Australia , the wonderful blue color waves separated by Byron Bay, forming a natural surf , The pass, Wategos , and Cosy Corner are very famous surf in the late 1960s and early 1970s , surfing hobby who first discovered the surf , and the first to enter a unique place to harness wave . Most of them are here to stay for several weeks, during their stay , many people start looking for ways to keep feet warm and dry . Since Australia is rich wool skin , so surfers will be turning a simple easy -crafted sheepskin boots . Wool skin material determines its insulation, comfort and features to keep feet dry . UGG taken from the first step to become world famous brand .

discount ugg boots, not the brand name, but a kind of shoes in general. UGG boots , commonly known as snow boots, is the rise in Australia during the First World War , the Australian pilot with two pieces of sheepskin wrapped into the shoes to wear on their feet warm , the 1820s , rural areas in Australia popular. We do not know exactly when a plant to begin production , but it is certain that since 1933 , Australia's Blue Mountains plants had already started this style of shoes. There are now more popular brands : UGG Australia, Yellow Earth, Blue Mountains and so on.

Chinese name : UGG English name : ugg boots cheap uk brand of origin: Australia brand founder : Brian Smith design : accessible luxury , super-luxurious comfort. Brand History : UGG is a legendary brand of sheepskin boots . Seemingly simple-minded cartoon form has swept the Eurasian land , and is now a fad popular in the world the wind . In 1978, an Australian surfer named Brian Smith with a group of members of sheepskin boots arrived in California , where the developed surfing market attracted a group of sheepskin boots . Since then , Ugg started slowly from a small surf brand to become world-renowned luxury brand of sheepskin boots

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